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5HP Front Tine Tiller
The Merry Tiller® Mid-Tine® International Tiller is the best. There is no
soil the International cannot handle. With more torque  the International
powers through the soil quickly and efficiently, creating deep loamey
earth great for your gardening needs. Whether it is expanding an existing
garden, creating a new garden, or tilling a mature garden, the
International is the perfect tiller.
5HP Rear Tine Tiller
Our medium-frame Pony rototiller is perfect for gardens up to 1,500
square feet and large-scale to commercial application groundbreaking.
With forward-rotating design, the Pony tiller is well-known for its ability to
prepare finely milled, well-aerated and ready-to-plant garden beds.  This
Pony rototiller has a 16" wide tilling width, 12" tine diameter and has
adjustable tilling depth up to 8" deep.
6.5HP Rear Tine Tiller
6.5 HP Honda engine
18" tilling width
Counter-rotating rear tines
Cast-iron counter weight
Pneumatic 16" x 4.8" agricultural tread tires
Tiller Cultivator
The Yard Machines 2-Cycle 1 HP Cultivator is a handy solution for your
tilling needs with its 8-inch heat-treated steel tines and plow-type handle
that gives you added control. EZ-pull starting and a maintenance-free
heavy-duty gearbox eliminate frustration, and you can adjust the width of
the tines from 6 to 10-1/4 inches.
16" Electric Chainsaw
This 2.25 maximum horsepower electric chain saw is
equipped with a handguard actuated brake and resettable
lock out switch to shut down the unit in the event of kickback.
The 6.5 ounce capacity reservoir automatically oils the chain
mechanism providing one hour of continuous operation. The
16 inch bar runs at 1800 feet per minute chain speed. The
unit is lightweight, quiet, smooth running and starts instantly
even in freezing weather.
16" Gas Chainsaw
STIHL Gas Chainsaw 16" MS 250 is light enough to move
through smaller tasks like clearing or cleanup but packs a
powerful enough punch to cut through small limbs and trees.
A combination of features and a high power-to-weight ratio
makes this one of the best homeowner chain saws on the
20" Gas Chainsaw
STIHL Gas Chainsaw 20" Designed for rugged homeowner or
landscape and farm use, the legendary STIHL FARM BOSS®
is a true work saw. With plenty of power to spare, you can let
the MS 290 do the cutting for you— from limbing, to felling
and bucking larger trees into firewood.
5HP Ft Tine Tiller
2hrs  $ 22.00
4hrs  $ 44.00
24hrs  $ 66.00
$10.00 Deposit
5HP Rear Tine
2hrs  $ 27.50
4hrs  $ 55.00
24hrs  $ 77.00
$10.00 Deposit
6.5HP Rear Tine
2hrs  $ 27.50
4hrs  $ 55.00
24hrs  $ 77.00
$10.00 Deposit
Tiller / Cultivator
2hrs  $ 16.50
4hrs  $ 33.00
24hrs  $ 49.50
16" Electric
4hrs  $ 20.80
24hrs  $ 31.20
11.6' Extendable Pole Saw
STIHL Gas Extendable Pole Saw Don't let cutting those tough
branches get the best of you. For those hard-to-get to trees,
the HT 101 STIHL telescoping pole pruner will take you there.
Powered by a low-emission engine, its shaft adjusts from 7 ft.
6 in. to 11 ft. 6 in. — allowing professionals to reach
branches up to 16 feet above the ground.
16" Gas
4hrs  $ 28.50
24hrs  $ 42.75
20" Gas
4hrs  $ 28.50
24hrs $ 42.75
11.6' Ext Pole
4hrs  $ 28.50
24hrs  $ 42.75
Rental Rate
includes bar oil
Rental Rate
includes extra
fuel & bar oil
Rental Rate
includes extra
fuel & bar oil
Rental Rate
includes extra
fuel & bar oil
Ideal for use with compact soil, clay, drought-damaged plots,
and surfaces prone to heavy traffic like a soccer field, the
aerator extracts plugs of dirt from the earth in 32-inch wide
swathes. By pulling out these small plugs, water and oxygen
gain more immediate access to plant roots and soil and
creates a healthier environment for growing without disease
and pest dilemmas. The disposed plugs can be broken up
and added to compose for later use. A tractor tows the
aerator, allowing users to cover large spans of land in little
Greater productivity, better maneuverability and a
user-freindly design are just a few of the features that make
the 530 a breeze to operate.  Equipped with a 5.5 hp Briggs
& Stratton engine.  BlueBird aerators give you precise,
consistent control of coring with a depth of up to 3" to even
reach deep set roots for maximum benefit.
Two lifting handles on both sides make transporting a breeze.
Additional side weights allow for improved ground penetration
and are removable for reduced effort when lifting or for
altering weight balance on slopes and inclines.
A folding handle provides easy transport.
32" Pull
2hrs  $16.50
4hrs  $ 33.00
24hrs  $ 49.50
19" Power
2hrs  $33.00
4hrs  $ 44.00
24hrs  $ 77.00
$10.00 Deposit
Lawn Edger
2hrs  $ 14.40
4hrs  $ 28.80
24hrs  $ 43.25
Slit Seeder /
Over Seeder
2hrs  $ 22.00
4hrs  $ 44.00
24hrs  $ 77.00
Stump Grinder
3hrs  $ 55.45
4hrs  $ 73.95
24 hrs  $ 110.90
Power Rake
2hrs  $ 13.20
4hrs  $ 26.40
24hrs  $ 47.05
Power Rake W/ Bag
2hrs  $ 22.00
4hrs  $ 44.00
24hrs  $ 77.00
Leaf Shreader /Vac
2hrs  $ 13.90
4hrs  $ 27.75
24hrs  $ 41.60
2hrs  $ 19.80
4hrs  $ 26.40
24hrs  $ 39.60
2hrs  $ 10.40
4hrs  $ 13.90
24hrs  $ 20.80
Sod Cutter

3hrs  $ 44.00
4hrs  $ 66.00
24hrs  $ 88.00
Log Splitter

4hrs  $ 42.40
24hrs  $  63.55
Yard Machines 3.5 HP Gas Lawn Edger
3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
9" Dual Edge Blade
6 Position Depth Selection up to 2"
The S22 Seeder makes turf renovation simple and easy. The
S22 is well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of
the seed hopper and its folding handle. The seed gate is
also adjustable to accommodate a broad range of grass
Free-swinging flail blades efficiently remove matted thatch
with centrifugal force. This design provides excellent thatch
removal and reliability proven over nearly four decades in the
demanding rental equipment environment
Bring home the power and performance to make yard
cleanup easier. Sweep up leaves and debris quickly with the
24" vacuum, then use the on-board vacuum hose to get into
tight spots and under shrubs. This leaf vac can turn eight
bags of debris into one - and an unkempt lawn into a
great-looking one. Ideal for spring cleanup or leaf pick-up in
the fall!
Part of our environmentally responsible product line, the
ergonomic FSE 60 electric STIHL trimmer has power to
spare. With an easy squeeze of the trigger, this lightweight
grass trimmer is capable of handling small to moderate yard
jobs while remaining powerful and surprisingly quiet—under
60 decibels when equipped with
This value-priced grass and weed trimmer is perfect for a
homeowner's yard trimming tasks. The FS 45, the lightest
weight model in the STIHL HomeScaper Series™, has a
curved shaft for trimming around shrubs or fences. It's no
wonder this is one of the most popular string trimmers in the
STIHL lineup.
The simple design makes this machine easy to understand
and operate.  The channel frame deflects chips under the
unit, reducing the chance of injury to people or property.  
The operator presence automatically shuts off the engine
upon leaving the safety of the control area
All gasoline equipment requires an additional fuel deposit