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Miscellaneous Hand Tools
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Durable 18-inch long and 24-inch wide roller drum.
250-pound weight with water; lightweight construction allows
for easy transporting or storage, removable drain plug
Ideal for flattening uneven ground caused or packing down
newly sown seed or sod
Steel drum rollers offer excellent weight distribution and a
heavy duty design. This 36"/92cm model has a drum
diameter of 18" and weighs up to 500 lbs when filled with
water and 90 lbs without. The 1" diameter brass fill plug can
be easily removed without tools.  36" is 400lbs when filled
Power through outdoor clutter with the BG 55 STIHL
HomeScaper Series™ handheld blower. Featuring a round
nozzle for increased air volume, this gas leaf blower quickly
clears leaves and grass clippings from driveways and
sidewalks. Not only does this leaf blower have reliable starting
with a low pull force— it comes at an affordable price, too.
If you think an electric blower isn’t powerful, check out this one.
Lightweight and high-powered, the new BGE 61 electric blower
is great for cleaning up leaves and grass clippings around the
home. Part of a new generation of STIHL leaf blowers that are
both quiet and easy to use, this blower features a built-in cord
retainer to keep you connected so you can get the job done.
48" or 36"  Lawn
4hrs $ 11.55
24hrs  $ 17.35
24" Push Lawn Roller
4hrs  $ 8.15
24hrs  $ 12.20
5 HP Honda motor
Self Propelled
Forward and Reverse
1000 LBS Approx Weight
Trailer included in rental price
5HP Powered Roller
2hrs  $ 22.00
4hrs  $  44.00
24hrs  $ 66.00
$10.00 Deposit
2hrs  $ 6.60
4hrs  $ 13.20
24hrs  $ 19.80
Gas Blower
2hrs  $ 8.80
4hrs  $ 17.60
24hrs  $ 26.40
Powered by a low emissions engine, this handheld shredder
vac/blower features the STIHL Easy2Start™ system, making
starting almost effortless. While a specialized shredder blade
on the fan wheel reduces yard waste, this shredder vac also
converts easily into a handheld gas leaf blower.
2hrs  $ 11.00
4hrs  $ 22.00
24hrs  $ 33.00
16" Electric
4hrs  $ 6.90
24hrs  $ 10.40
30" Electric
4hrs  $ 9.25
24hrs  $ 13.85
Trimmer 24"
2hrs  $ 20.80
4hrs  $  27.75
24hrs  $  41.60
Hedge Trimmer
24" Gas
2hrs  $ 20.80
4hrs  $  27.75
24hrs  $  41.60
A series of professional hedge trimmers that is lightweight and fast.
Features a swivel handle for improved comfort. The HS 81 R comes
with a 24" blade length.  The HS 81R has wider tooth spacing for
rejuvenation and heavy pruning.
For even better reach and balance to help you trim precisely, the HL
90 K (0°) STIHL extended reach hedge trimmer is just the thing. This
professional extended length hedge trimmer is designed for
everyday use and has a powerful low-emission engine — giving you
longer running times and keeping hard-to-reach hedges looking
Manual Post
Hole Digger
4hrs  $ 5.20
24hrs $ 7.30
One Man Post
Hole Digger
3hrs  $ 52.80
4hrs  $ 70.40
24hrs  $ 88.00
Two Man Post
Hole Digger
3hrs  $ 52.80
4hrs  $ 70.40
24hrs  $ 88.00
Extra Augers 6", 9", 12", 16"
24hrs $ 7.50
One Man Post Hole Digger
For over 40 years, the versatile Little Beaver mechanical earth drill has
been the #1 choice of rental store owners, fencing contractors, and
other professionals who require a one-man auger that is safe and
simple to operate. Thanks to our patented torque tube, we’ve
eliminated the kickback found in competitive augers, making one-man
drilling safe and productive. There is an 18" extension available.
Rental rate includes one 6", 9", 12", or 16" auger.
Two Man Post Hole Digger
It can accept earth drills from 6" to 12" in diameter and each are 30"
tall. There is an optional 18" extension available.  Great for planting
large shrubs, installing fences, building decks and digging mailbox
Rental rate includes one 6", 8", or 12"auger.
Used to dig fence post holes and in ground support for
projects like decks and mail boxes. Hardwood handles are
strong. Tempered steel blades are strong and durable.
Gas Powered post hole diggers are great for:
- Fencing                        -Landscaping
- Decks                           -Sign Erection
Wheel Barrow
6 Cu yards
24hrs  $ 8.25
Live Animal
24hrs  $ 5.80
Metal Detectors
4hrs  $ 11.60
24hrs $ 17.35
Fertilizer Spreaders Drop or Broadcast
4hrs  $ 4.80
24hrs  $ 6.70
Fence post
24hrs $ 6.60
Tile Probe
24hrs  $ 5.00
13' Ext Pole Pruner
4hrs  $ 9.30
24hrs  $ 13.90
Hedge Trimmers
24hrs  $ 3.70
Fence Stretcher
24hrs $ 10.40
The trimmer has double reciprocating blades for reduced vibration
and heavier cuts.  Motor stops in less than 1/2 second if either
switch is released. Meets or exceeds international safety standards.
It has a cord management system molded into the rear handle hook,
which keeps the extension cord from coming unplugged during