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Normal Push mower tune up consists of:

- Sharpen and balance blade

- Replace air filter and spark plug

- Replace engine oil (oil filter is replaced for extra charge if equipped)

- Inspect & lubricate all cables and controls

- Inspect & lubricate self-propelled mechanism (if equipped)

- Inspect and lubricate wheels

- Inspect and adjust all safety mechanisms

- Clean deck
$ 49.95 *
It dosent matter what make model or brand.  All
push mower tuneups are the same price!
Pick-up and Delivery is available.  Call or sign up today.
All for
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* Mower has to be running before service. Excludes commercial or zero turn mowers
We are now proud to offer scheduled
appointments to service or repair your
lawn mowers!

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Normal Riding mower service consists of:
- Sharpen and balance blades
- Change oil
- Replace:
   Oil Filter (if equipped)
   Air Filter
   Fuel Filter
   Spark Plug(s)
- Inspect:
   Drive Belts
   PTO Belts
   Fuel Lines
   Engine Mounting bolts
   Headlight operation
   Belt guards
   Steering linkages
- Inspect/ Adjust all Safety systems
- Clean battery terminals
- Check tire pressure and leaks
- Level mowing deck
- Lubricate all grease points
All for
$ 105.95 *