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Pressure washers can be used for anything from cleaning your
car, to cleaning your patio, to removing dirt and paint from your
house in preparation for re-painting.

Not only do pressure washers make cleaning quicker and easier,
they save water since they only take about 1/5 the water a
garden hose would use to do the same job.
2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Great for cleaning:
3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Great for those heavier jobs like:
-Heavy equipment cleaning
-Removing paint
3500 PSI Hot Pressure Washer
Great for cleaning:
-Grease or Oil stained floors
-Greasy equipment cleaning
2200 PSI
4 hrs  $ 27.00
24 hrs  $ 40.45
$ 5.00 Deposit
3000 PSI
4 hrs  $ 43.15
24 hrs $ 64.70
$5.00 Deposit
3500 PSI HOT
4 hrs  $ 88.00
24 hrs  $ 132.00   
$20.00 Deposit  
Each of the cold water pressure washers come with 4 different nozzles.
The red 0 deg nozzle is a higher
pressure and lower flow nozzle good
-2nd story surfaces
-Paint removal
-Oil Stains
The yellow 15 deg nozzle is a medium
pressure and medium flow for all
purpose cleaning like:
-Home siding
-Brick patios/ concrete
-Wood decks
-Garage floors
The 25 deg nozzle is a low pressure
high flow tip for gentle cleaning like:

-Patio furniture
-Lawn equipment
The turbo nozzle or oscilating nozzle
whirls a powerful pinpoint jet of water
for intense cleaning.  

Turbo Nozzles can clean up to 40%
faster than standard spray nozzles
A Rented Pressure Washer Takes the Pressure Off You

Many homeowners feel under pressure to keep the exterior surfaces of their homes clean. Likewise,
contractors need to clean their worksites and equipment after completing messy jobs. Renting a pressure
washer makes that work more manageable. Pressure washers turn water from a standard faucet into a
pressurized stream for cleaning many types of surfaces easily and effectively. Renting a pressure washer can
take the pressure of cleaning off you in these ways.

You can use a rented pressure washer to clean all types of exterior surfaces including sidewalks, patios,
steps, parking lots, siding and masonry work. Using a pressure washer, you can make wooden decks and
fences look like new or strip paint and remove graffiti from structures. At a lower pressure, you also can clean
windows, gutters, boats, campers, trailers, vehicles and equipment using a rented pressure washer.
Saves time. A rented pressure washer lets you accomplish the same amount of cleaning in less time than
using a garden hose and scrub brush.

Conserves water
A rented pressure washer uses fewer gallons per minute (gpm) of water than a garden hose.A garden hose
uses up to 10 gpm, whereas a rented pressure washer uses between 2 to 5 gpm — a maximum of 80 percent
less water.

Environmentally friendly
Renting a pressure washer can give you a lot of cleaning power using just water and no cleaning solvents.
However, when a task requires the additional scrubbing action of a cleansing agent, many pressure washers
can accommodate green cleaning solutions.

Protects your investment
You can keep your exterior surfaces and equipment looking great while extending their life spans by using a
rented pressure washer to free them of damaging dirt, salt, grease, oils and sediment.
Reduces labor effort. You can complete cleaning jobs feeling less tired and more productive using a rented
pressure washer since it does most of the cleaning for you.

Good value
Obviously, it costs less to rent a quality pressure washer than to buy one. Since a durable, long-lasting
pressure washer costs more than most people will pay for a tool they may use only once a year, renting a
pressure washer just makes sense.