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Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Powerflite PFX3S

The PFX3S is compact, streamlined
and has all of the features you have
been looking for in a self-contained
extractor. The PFX3S is very easy to
maneuver making it perfect for
commercial applications. It is small and
lightweight, but with the durability and
performance you would expect from a
much larger commercial unit. This
extractor has the most popular
features from our larger units: see-
through recovery tank lid, easy lift no
slosh recovery tank, solution pump to
drain the solution tank – all in a
compact unit that is easy to transport
or store.
Steamex 430

Triumph® 430 Small Area Extractor
Pacific has the perfect answer for
cleaning smaller areas.  Our 430
model features a 12" cleaning path,
4-gal. solution /3-gal. recovery tanks,
reverse vac motor for cooler operation,
powerful 60 psi pump, pictorial
operating instructions and cord wrap
on the folding handle.  This small but
powerful extractor is highly reliable and
ideal for rental applications.
Steamex Spotter

Triumph® 235 Spotter Extractor (PDF)
Stop that spot from becoming a stain
with a quick clean up with the Triumph
235 spotter Extractor. Portable and
lightweight, this model has a 2-gal.
solution tank that lifts off for easy
This Spotter is great for spot cleaning
carpet, upholstry, or your automobile
carpets and seats.
We have everything you need for your carpet
cleaning or spot removing needs.  From the carpet
cleaners, to the carpet cleaning solutions, we have it
all in one stop.
3 Hr    $  18.35
4 Hr    $
24 Hr  $  3
3 Hr    $  18.35
4 Hr    $  2
24 Hr  $  3
3 Hr    $  14.05
4 Hr    $  1
24 Hr  $  2
3 Hr    $  10.40
4 Hr    $  1
24 Hr  $  
Steamex 7 Gallon

This Steamex 7 Gallon carpet extractor
is great for commercial grade carpet or
berber.  With its 7 gallon recovery tank
the steamex 7 gallon gets alot done
before having to empty the tank.
Upholstry Tool / Stair Cleaning Tool

The Upholstry tool is great for cleaning
your couches and drapes as well as
handling the carpet cleaning on your
steps.  The upholstery tool is designed
for high performance with a patented
design that atomizes the solution – with
beautiful results and faster dry times!

This unit can be used with either the
Powerfilte or the Steamex 430
24 Hr  $  6.95
Similar Picture
The Fast Action all in one carpet cleaning solution is an easy one step carpet cleaner to be
used in all deep cleaning/hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines.  All in one cleans,
deodorizes, protects, neutralizes static, and contains a built in defoamer.
Professional Pet Stain Remover effectively removes most stains caused by pet urine, tea,
coffee, wine, fruit juices, and other acid type stains.  Professional Pet Stain Remover
contains a special chemical ingredient that neutralizes the alkali and ammonia that is
present in urine and stopping it from bleaching the dye in the carpet.  If the urine stain is
very old nothing will reverse the action.
Professional Upholstry Cleaner dissolves dirt, grime and grease in all types of fabrics.  It
cleans thoroughly and the selected optical brighteners sharpen colors to restore origional
When used properly this gentle upholstry cleaner is safe to use on all fibers.  It will not leave
a sticky residue to mask fabric sheen and promote resoiling
Professional Spot remover is designed to penetrate and break up spots and stains so they
may be removed without danger to sensitive carpet and upholstry fabrics.
Removable stains include: paint, oil, grease, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, wax and many
Traffic Lane Cleaner is an ecellent all purpose spotter.  It will break down most food and light
oil stains that are the most common stains in carpeting.
32 Oz   $   8.48   1 Gal    $ 20.00
32 Oz   $   7.25
16 Oz   $  4.65
32 Oz   $   7.10
16 Oz   $   5.25