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Floor Sanders
Whether you have old hardwood floors or
newer hardwood floors, if they need sanding
or refinishing, we have what you need.
8" Drum Sander and Edger

The 8" drum sander and edger are used on
floors that are damaged, cupped or curled.  

Cupping of the floor is when the outside edges of
the wood strips have raised up higher than the
middle of the strip causing the wood floor to be

This Floor sander will remove any damages to
your floor from scratches, dents, and gouges to
give your floor that newer look that you want.
17" Rotary Floor Sander

If your floors are newer but it looks like the shine
or polish is coming off, the Rotary Floor Sander
is the tool you need.

We have sanding disk sandpaper or sanding
screens here on hand so that we have
everything you need to complete your project.

This sander is also used to put the final
professional touch to your floor after using the 8"
Drum Sander and Edger.
Hardwood floors only need to be power sanded if the wood is damaged,
cupped, or curled.  This would be completed by using the 8" Drum
Sander Combo.

If refinishing floors with slight wear in the finish (Traffic pattern wear) you
would use the Rotary Floor Sander.  
8" Drum Paper
20 Grit    $  5.55
36 Grit    $  3.85
80 Grit    $  2.40
7" Edger Paper
20 Grit    $1.80
36 Grit    $1.30
80 Grit    $  .95
17" Sanding Paper
20 Grit    $ 9.75
36 Grit    $ 7.75
60 Grit    $ 5.10
80 Grit    $ 4.35
100 Grit  $ 4.05
17" Sanding Screens
60 Grit    $ 13.20
80 Grit    $ 11.55
100 Grit  $   9.55
120 Grit  $   8.20
Similar Picture
24 Hrs    $ 38.50
24 Hrs    $ 24.20
We have all the sand paper on hand for these
rental items.
4 Hrs     $ 23.15
24 Hrs   $ 34.65
We have all the sand paper on hand for these
rental items.
Most customers ask how much paper they will need to do the job.  There are many different factors
that determine this.

1.  Size of the area to be sanded.
2.  How badly the floors are cupped or damaged.
3.  Floor preparation.
Floors should be prepared before sanding the floor.  
- All staples should be removed and all protruding nail heads should be countersunk with a nail set.     
- All quarter round molding should be removed.
- Repair all loose or damaged boards before sanding.
- Vacuum the floor to remove all debri before sanding.

Doing these things to prepare the floor before hand will help reduce the possibility of ripping the floor
sanding paper.
Helpfull hints
Remove furniture, rugs, curtains, pictures and any other conveniently removed items.

Complete wall covering and painting projects prior to refinishing floors.

Provide adequate ventilation during sanding and refinishing.

If the room has a large doorway, cover it with a dropcloth or plastic covering.  Stuff towels or rags
under bottoms of doors or closet doors.  Cover all  air vents.

NEVER stop the sander with the drum in contact with the floor.

Wear clean, soft footwear to avoid dirt marks and scratching.
1.  Sanding dust is extremely combustible

2.  Never smoke or have open flames present while sanding or
applying finish

3.  Empty sander dust bags frequently into a container.  Store
container outside of job site to prevent possible fire hazard.  

4.  Unplug sanding equipment when not in use or when changing