Whether you are unclogging a toilet or cleaning the main line
from your home to the street or septic tank, we have what you
need at reasonable prices.
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Drain Cleaning Equipment
The Mini Rooter

With either the 50' 3/8" cable or the 75' 1/2" cable and
a 1/3 hp motor, the Mini-Rooter clears lines from
roof-top to basement, including kitchen, bath and
laundry drains. You can do heavier work in 4" lines
when the Mini-Rooter is equipped with a 1/2" cable.

Safety features on this equipment include:
A foot pedal that uses air pressure to start and stop the
machine, with no electrical wiring between pedal and
motor, a ground fault circuit interrupter, and a high
impact plastic guard covering the motor pulley.
Toilet Auger

The ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or
retrieving lost objects in clogged toilet bowls
without having to lift the bowl. This unit works
where plungers fail. The cable is made from two
layers of spring wire wrapped tightly around a
wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking
yet has the right flexibility to get through low flow

This unit has a vinyl guard that protects the bowl
against scratching, a large grip handle and
turning handle for easy operation. The down
head works like a universal joint, following the
bowl contours while protecting inner bowl walls
from chipping or breaking.
The Electric Eel

The Electric Eel with its 104' of 1 inch cable is great
for the heavier work, like cleaning the main line
from your home to the septic system or to the city
main line.

This unit is comes with a blockage breaker to get
the main line open, and then a cutter head to clean
out any roots or debri built up inside the line.
The Super V

The Super-Vee offers you a complete
system for cleaning drain lines through 3”
in diameter. With a variety of cables,
cutter and accessories available, you
have the right combination for any
clogged drain problem.             

The Super V drain cleaner is good for
working with sinks or any small drain clog.  
This drain cleaner comes with either a 25'
or 35' cable.
24 Hr    $  10.25
25' Cable
4 Hr    $
24 Hr  $  23.25
75' Cable
4 Hr    $  31.00
24 Hr  $  46.50
4 Hr    $  38.00
24 Hr  $  57.00
35' Cable
4 Hr    $  20.00
24 Hr  $  30.00
50' Cable
4 Hr    $
24 Hr  $  39.75
100' Sewer Rod
24 Hr    $  13.25
50' Sewer Rod
24 Hr    $
Flat Sewer Rods/Drain Tapes

Drain Tapes are flat high carbon, oil
tempered steel.  They are available in
50' or 100' lengths